Find Trusted Local Businesses used by your Friends

Ever felt lonely or helpless battling to decide on doctors, restaurants, gym, boutique, carpenter or any other business. And could not call a dozen friends for whatever reason. Toost is here to help. Toost gets you real inputs from real friends and does it real fast to help you take that decision. And socialize while doing so - invite friends whose views you value, view activities from friends, and get specific recommendations.

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Find Local Businesses

Get trusted and highly rated/reviewed businesses from your friends' network

Ratings and Reviews

Take 2 seconds to help your friends by rating businesses you use

Socialize in Local Search

Invite friends, get their recommendations, and view their activities

Caller ID and Spam Protection

Identify calling businesses and block them if they spam you

Toost is the social way to local search built on mobile. It brings power of your friends' recommendations to help you take decisions without interrupting their life. Whatever you need, your friends are right there to help you out. On Toost, it just takes five seconds at end of call to rate any business and help friends. You can engage with your friends in real-time, get their inputs, and even socialize through activity feeds.

Toost gets you word-of-mouth recommendations based on mobile phone graph. Rather than relying on other social networks, which are more casual (Facebook) or aspirational (Twitter), phone relationships are deeper and more meaningful. Additionally, implicit recommendation is offered on Toost in real-time without you having to bother about asking friends or worrying about disturbing them. And who wants to ask on Facebook about what doctor friends use?

1. Local business search based on ~5m business entities and search for people and numbers too
2. Ratings & reviews of businesses that can help you and your friends decide on right service provider
3. Ask friends for their recommendations or feedback on specific business/service provider
4. Activity feeds from your friends and extended network to stay in contact and be in the know at all times
5. Caller ID powered by 750m entities to let you know who is calling and call blocking to block out the spamming ones

We serve results from your direct friends network followed by those from outside your network. These results are sorted by distance. It will typically not happen that you do not get any results. However, in case you do not get sufficient friends recommendations, we suggest that you invite friends to join Toost and be part of the community. This will help create stronger network for everyone

You can rate/review the business at the end-call prompt screen or you can visit business' profile to rate the same. Toost offers 10-points scale and score '7 and above' is considered recommendation. You can visit your activity feed or business profile to change the rating anytime.

We take lot of care in ensuring that such instances do not happen. However, in rare scenario of this happening, you can report 'Not a business' from end-call screen.

Being a community-contributed platform, there is always a small chance of content being inaccurate. You can report content from the top right side menu on the business profile page. We will take prompt remedial action.

We do not expose any individual's contact or share any numbers with third party. All entities' data on the system in kept encrypted and no non-business number is ever shared with anyone except with existing direct contact who already have the number.

As per our privacy policy, we cannot show the numbers to unrelated people. You have an option to send a Connect Request to your friend in question and get the contact once he/she accepts the request.

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